Mountaineering and Trekking in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a true paradise for trekkers and adventure freaks offering multiple options from beginners to advance treks. Himalayas Expeditions, a unit of Pebble Hills make this happen for you.


Trekking and mountaineering are two different activities and people often get confused. Mountaineering needs quite a lot preparation like advance equipment, high quality provisions, accurate technical data, weather forecast and reports etc and at time it can becomes dangerous and risky whereas trekking does not required much preparations and can be taken as sport.


In summer months treks can be organised up to the altitude of around 14000 fts and in winter’s months around 7000 Fts.

In ancient era, people used to climb hills and mountains for their day to day affairs due to lack of transport facilities and road connectivity. The guru Shri Adi Shankaracharya was the first to found and open the trekking routes to famous Himalayan Shrines who trekked deep into Uttarakhand in eighth century and later Kali Kamli Wala formed an organization and set up many dharamshala’s on the defined distance on the Himalayan routes keep in pilgrimage values in mind and now trekkers called these Himalayan huts on many existing routes. Apart from this, before India independence many British Trekkers explore the Uttarakhand and found many trekking routes in high altitude region and still we are following their trails Like Kuari Pass, it is also known as Lord Curzon Trail.

The young generation taking trekking in Uttarakhand as a adventure sport and it is also getting popular with middle aged able bodied men and women who all finicky of nature and want some spice in life with aroma of fresh air and pristine beauty of Himalayas. Though Trekking can be done throughout the year however the best months are April onwards till November except July and August but July and August are the best month to explore the world famed Valley Of Flowers

Uttarakhand which lies in Central Himalayan Zone have many trekking routes infact each valley, meadow and each village itself becomes a trek passing through rich forest, numerous temples, cypress, deodars, pine, lush green valley’s and meadows. Listen to the birds, waive the trees, sleep under the galaxy, witness the lifetime experience of sunrise and sunset and takes a memorable memories.

People often hear Bugyal, Bugyal is nothing but green lush meadows or would say grassland which is found at an altitude over 9150 fts. They are basically treeless grassland with green and floral patterns. Almost all high altitude treks passed through atleast one Bugyal or the other.

We Himalayas Expeditions run by passionately driven people, a unit of Pebble Hills manage and organise many treks and expeditions like Roopkund, Kuari Pass, Valley of Flowers, Har-Ki-Dun, Sathopanth Lake, Kush Kalyan, Auden Col, Milam, Lilam, Nandadevi Base Camp, Om Parvat, Bali Pass, Tunganath, and Rudranath are few to mention with experienced and qualified trek guides along with local guides and porters.

Let’s sing a song with us, let’s trek with us with confidence and passion.

Cheers Team Himalayas Expeditions, A Unit of Pebble Hills


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